We currently have three bridges deployed on testnets (Ethereum, Tron and Binance Smart Chain). All bridges use Solidity for their smart contracts, but have small differences due to different version of the compiler.

For all block chains, we also have simple swap and exchange contracts that allow exchanging other compatible tokens with wrapped Talleo token (wTLO). Swap contract will have fixed exchange rate, but the exchange contract will calculate the rate based on transfer amount and balances of the two tokens it holds itself. Any third-party contracts that are compatible with BEP20, ERC20 or TRC20 tokens can be used with…

During the last days of first year (last week of November 2020) we started testing bridging Talleo blockchain with Ethereum and Tron blockchains.

Aim was that after the code is finished, we can use Talleo as payment method for smart contract based games and list TLO on decentralized exchanges that use wrapped tokens for internal bookkeeping.

We will eventually release the code and interface to the bridges as open-source software and allow other cryptocurrencies to use the conversion services it provides in exchange of paying share of the operating costs.

Currently user pays all the fees associated with sending tokens…

Mainnet of Talleo was launched on midnight December 1st 2019. During first 4 months we encountered two big issues that had to be corrected.

First was that mining pool software didn’t support pausing of mining introduced at block height 10000 and had to be adapted to correctly handling it. Eventually both talleo-pool and nodejs-pool was fixed to correctly handle daemon rejecting blocks sent without transactions.

Second issue was buffer overflow on Linux caused by very high mixin, also known as anonymity level. Because unlike Windows, Linux limits the memory any function can use for local variables, high anonymity level caused…

Talleo Project is a project that aims to bring together the best cryptocurrency developers so they can collaborate to integrate multiple cryptocurrencies and websites together.

Main cryptocurrency of Talleo Project is Talleo (TLO), which is based on Bytecoin 2 with additional code from PinkstarcoinV2, Bittorium, Intense Coin, Iridium, Graft Project, Karbowanec, TurtleCoin, worktips and m0rkcoin.

Talleo Project has currently active code sharing agreement with B2B Coin, but other coins can be added later if there is large enough patch submitted that adds additional features or extensively improves existing code.

Talleo has target time of 60 seconds for each block, but…

Talleo Project

Cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote using CryptoNight Ultra Variant 2. https://www.talleo.org/

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