First year of Talleo Project…

Mainnet of Talleo was launched on midnight December 1st 2019. During first 4 months we encountered two big issues that had to be corrected.

First was that mining pool software didn’t support pausing of mining introduced at block height 10000 and had to be adapted to correctly handling it. Eventually both talleo-pool and nodejs-pool was fixed to correctly handle daemon rejecting blocks sent without transactions.

Second issue was buffer overflow on Linux caused by very high mixin, also known as anonymity level. Because unlike Windows, Linux limits the memory any function can use for local variables, high anonymity level caused memory corruption when too much memory was used and triggered assertion failure in GNU C library.

Talleo retroactively limited mixin and anonymity level to maximum of 50 as that was largest already used that didn’t cause the assertion failure. This avoided reverting already confirmed transactions and splitting the blockchain and just skipping the unconfirmed transactions that triggered the daemon crash.

First and only exchange Talleo was listed during first year was Argentine based exchange Cripto Patagonia Exchange (C-PatEx). It had seen its best trading volumes a long time ago, but it was listing new cryptocurrencies and the owners were active on social media, so we could count on them responding to any requests. Initially we had only two pairs (BTC and ETH) but later on also LTC and DOGE pairs were added.

Eventually LTC and DOGE pairs were the most active pairs, especially DOGE, because it attracted users with just little to spend on cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote using CryptoNight Ultra Variant 2.

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